it wouldn’t bother me if you didn’t harbor a big piece of my life in my mind during the summer and basically constantly swung me from a happy state to sad state cause you didn’t know what you fucking wanted

it wouldn’t bother me if the reason why I was so hard up for a job was because I wanted to make money to save up and go see you - and letting my schoolwork fall to the wayside and put extra stress on myself as I worked at a job i wasn’t even fucking good at and got let off from anyways

and then you went and decided that you wanted to be with this person by fucking cheating on me. who you’ve come to me and claim that he’s “scaring you” and shit and while I’m there for you do you think I forget?

I won’t call you an emotional abuser cause maybe I got too attached but then again your constant suicide threats and berating didn’t help either and

I really should’ve called you toxic but I didnt. And I probably never will, at least to your face

at least I can say my stress and anxiety is a whole lot more controlled now than it was during the summer and just. I’m thankful because most of the grief I was caused was through who I was dating at the time and I just. I got so attached and pined so much over this person it was unhealthy and I just, hope I don’t get like that again if I get in another relationship again

idk man like when I see ppl leave suicide-y posts on their blog it kinda freaks me out and then they don’t post anything else which makes it worse

And then you see them online on Skype and you’re like oh thank god they’re ok but at the same time ur like holy heck u scared me tere